Melanie started working part time in a flower shop in high school where she got bit by the flower bug. She continued working with flowers through college in Edmonton.
In 1994, an opportunity for a WPG franchise came up and her family was on board to purchase together.

The first year Melanie was on her own with her dad doing books, then a year later her sister Monica joined the team with her business degree.

Over the years, Melanie has enjoyed training with the local floral wholesalers as well as taking a design course in Olds Alberta College and an amazing teaching opportunity in Holland. This was the beginning of her love for European design and different textures and use of foliage.

In 2010 the shop left the franchise and went through a branding process
to become freshcut downtown. It was important to have downtown in the name and invest in the community. Melanie has been on the Downtown Biz Board for several years. She loves the support of downtown Winnipeg and being able to give back to young entrepreneurs. Although we love delivering downtown, we have a city wide flower delivery service.

The business has been seen regularly on CTV Morning Live.  Segments talk about trends, custom workshops in the store or on location as well as everyday luxury items that bring joy and nature to Winnipeg's urban center.

“Our beautiful store is alive with unique blossoms and greenery, but it's our down to earth attitude, efficiency and ability to customize your gift that make a lasting impression,” confirms Melanie.